Vision of Homezest: To be a leading role in world’s coffee maker field; to set the trend of coffee culture and elevate people’s taste for life.

Mission of Homezest: To embody the value of life in our product.

Core value of Homezest: Integrity, Pragmatism, Innovation, Happiness.

Style of Homezest: Conscientiousness, Efficiency, Commitment, No excuse.

Management Idea of Homezest: Keep the pursuit of excellent quality, active and stable management, innovation of Homezest Brand; to be a competitive manufacturer with focus on customer and information management.

Spirit of Homezest: Continuous improvement and progress.

View of Talent of Homezest: To respect life and human resource; to concern and love members; to make excellence out of common.

View of Wealth of Homezest: To share achievement in way of Homezest Love Fund; to help members in need, to join persons with ability as company shareholders.

Future of Homezest: To expand business in regions such as South, North America and China with the principal market in Europe; to set new business model, create and disseminate the coffee culture of Homezest; to reach for annual sales revenue of 800 million, a listed company and make profit exceed sales volume.